Welcome to Ding Busters!

We are now IMI International Certified! Level 2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Routine Maintenance Activities. (means we can power down and work on your EV, or Hybrid Vehicle safely). Which is very important if you have dents on yours!

Why you need a certified technician for EV or Hybrid Vehicles:

We are actually protecting not only ourselves but your vehicle as well! We don’t want to damage any onboard computers, and related equipment on your vehicle.

We are certified with NAPDRT, IMI & Stanliner

ARC PDR Repair Certified:

Awarded the rare “Certified Gold Master Craftsman

Stanliner PDR Art Technologies!

Member of NAPDRT, IMI Certified:

Owner/operator: Bruce H. Halverson twenty two year master technician in 1996, a mobile paintless dent repair business was established in Bellingham serving the local auto dealers and body shops in the whatcom county area – We feature a self-contained mobile service fully stocked with paintless dent repair tools. If we don’t have the right tool, we can make, modify, grind, shape, bend a tool on the job site.

If you have damage on your vehicle that you have a question about, send us some pictures. seeing the photos, we should be able to tell you if the dent is a good candidate for this method of repair. Estimates will require seeing the damage up-close to determine scope, access, and price.

Using advanced PDR techniques, We can remove many types of minor dent damage including hail or door dings. PDR is many times faster than conventional repairs and PDR does not use traditional auto body methods like sanding, body fillers, or painting. I always perform this work with our goal to be the leader in Paintless Dent Removal.

Dents are more than an annoyance, they can reduce the value of your car or increase the trade-in penalties for your lease.

Using the PDR technique, we can remove many types of minor dent damage, including hail damage or door dings.

Faster than conventional repairs, PDR does not use traditional auto body methods like sanding, body fillers, or painting, and will maintain your vehicle’s original finish. We remove all dings and dents with top quality workmanship and at affordable prices.